Beat toddler for peeing on floor

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It is very hard for parents, when confronted by deliberate "naughtiness" like pooping on a floor, to maintain loving calmness. Here is a simple list of all you need to know for teaching a young child how to handle conflict: I know that viewpoint isn't popular on this web site, but we have found spankings in conjunction with the reasoning, withholding privileges, considering what needs they may be trying to express, etc. His tantrums were volcanic, and completely manipulative. It's a little bit sad isn't it, that I can't play with you right now? Dariusz 7, 7 27

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I wish I could remember the name of this form of therapy anyone ever heard of it before?

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Potty Training and Spanking

He often wakes up early from his nap cranky but refuses to be put back to bed, just getting out of his room instead. Working on the first will reduce the need for the second. At this point, we make him stay in his room or put him down for a nap, but he often gets mad about this and has started to deliberately pee and poop in his underpants he's mostly potty trained and this is obviously deliberate. Don't ever spank them if you're angry or not in control. Remember to copiously praise good behaviour. It is much better to be occasionally inconsistent than to turn healthy discipline into violence. I wont edit it back in if anyone wants to edit it out.

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beat toddler for peeing on floor
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beat toddler for peeing on floor
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