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Not that that's a bad thing. No, you should not be playing this game for the full-frontal nudity, because it says something about you that we really don't want to go into right now. Saying that, it was not a bad thing as the video game sex scenes were something out of Game of Thrones. Although Catwoman from the Batman franchise is probably the first catgirl you can think of, you definitely don't want to forget about Felicia. These Street Fighter Images Are Amazing Chun Li's thighs are the eighth wonder of the world, capable of breaking open coconuts and kicking holes through brick walls. But what most players remember about her is her proudly impractical steel thong and wearing almost nothing at all; in fact, the first thing we see of her is her bountiful bottom slowly walking up the steps of her ship. The fighting game franchise has never been shy with the full-figured and gorgeous ladies, but R.

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She's confident in herself and her beliefs, stars in a major AAA gaming franchise, and loves kicking teeth in.

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The Hottest Lollipop Chainsaw Cosplay. Standing at 6'2" with a slender physique and dark skin complexion, Fran is one of the most exotic Final Fantasy characters. Juri has become a sensation overnight, gaining quite the fanbase and being consistently ranked on lists of top female video game villains. Skip to content Got an Odd Story? She frequently makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward male opponents, making her a perfect example of a femme fatale character.

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hottest female videogame characters nude
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hottest female videogame characters nude
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