Human mating sex positions

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Of course rear entry has lots of variation, such as the standing canine, spooning, the cuissade, and so on, but the core of these positions is penetration from the back of female. I think it's called sexual selection. Evolution is always moving forward. If you look at the construction of four-legged animals, you'll notice that their torsos are generally deeper than they are wide and that their limbs are primarily directed toward the ventral ie, bellywith their range of motion very limited. Doggy style is not the oldest copulation position, reptiles usually mate side to side as do some internally fertilized fishes and lets not forget dolphins If they really have an orgasm, they must have the refractory period right after orgasm, and can't get into another mating.

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Missionary position is the most popular in human, and it offers the deepest penetration thereby allowing semen to easily enter the cervix. We certainly can and do have rewarding sexual experiences in other ways and saying that somehow face to face is uniquely human or an evolutionary significant move is not supported by your assumptions. In psychology evolution, self-awareness shows up. The love of a good woman is far more precious than experience with many woman, i applaud you joatman So we can claim that rear entry really has a long history than face to face, and it also means face to face is really the result of evolution. I hope you can hold your opinion at that time. If you have ever seen other animals mating, you know that face to face position is pretty much unique to humans, so far we only find two animals who do the sex face to face:

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human mating sex positions
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human mating sex positions
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