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And others posted that his family lives in another state and he's in LA filming Criminal Minds. Meanwhile, Hotch is hoping that his participation the upcoming FBI Triathlon will mark a milestone not associated with the race itself. But can you really call it a "sexy hot tub video? Although there could have been a little more, the profiling is good and sees the team working together cohesively with good balance of screen time, really liked some of the theories and observations which didn't feel like conclusion-jumping. That's how the actor, who's married with children, started sending his own images and videos to the woman. The woman, it turns out, was lifting the material she sent to Gibson from porn sites. Still not feeling it?

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It did feel like we were a step or two ahead of the BAU too often and that they were catching up and taking a little too long occasionally to do so, and things are so much more fascinating for the viewer when it's the other way around.

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A Family Affair

The BAU heads to Atlanta, where stabbings of prostitutes lead the team to suspect more than one unsub. A Family Affair 29 Feb The unsub's early reveal felt justified this time, because the family relationship is so interesting and complex with distinct personalities especially the mothersome real creepiness like the parents' reactions to Julie's pleading and parts that have so much impact even when no words are being said, like in the kitchen. Just as warm and loving was the chemistry between Hotch and Rossi, who can't help loving that caring side to Rossi. Look, I've done it before.

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