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Laugh tracks work in things like The IT Crowd where the jokes are big set pieces and the action or drama is there to set up the jokes, where the rhythm is JOKE [laugh] set up next joke I'm still open to being convinced otherwise. Mostly, it's just painful to endure … Going down this same road of endless embarrassment and humiliation for sad-sack characters is, at this point, well-worn and predictable. Then the boys would say I simply had no sense of humor. As times change, stand-up comedy continues to shift its themes and focus according to the social issues that need addressing.

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The bigger the surprise or insight in your joke, the bigger the laugh.

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Why aren’t female comedians funny? You asked Google – here’s the answer

The good ones are the ones that can find a different topic that doesn't end in a premature ejaculation gag. Funny people come in all the glorious shapes, sizes and flavours that human life has to offer. Hesitantly, I have to agree. By the mentioning of Pub I'm asuming you're a fellow Brit in which case I have to ask what cosy little hide away you've been able to hide in because there are plenty of violent women out there. I think 30 Rock is a funnier show than Two and a Half Men:: I think there are a lot of single and bitter men here. There is no universal opinion and yours will never become one either.

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