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All you can hear is the glass crunching around in his ass as he fumbles trying to pull it out, and the dripping of the blood. I no longer worry about accidents. To sum the interview up, I will post a quote from Alex that will make you go WTF just as much as 1guy1cup video: Looks to be losing a fair bit of blood he'd have noway to stop the bleeding, how long would it take him to get dressed get to the hospital see a physician get into surgery, how would you even operate on this, then there's infection. I hadn't seen that before, so it actually reminded me of this.

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My rage reaction was also a lot like what you describe only it was mixed with a deep sadness for mankind in general.

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On December 8th, the eFukt page was linked in a thread submitted by Wu Tang Corp Forums [3] member JehovAllah, which gained more than 40 replies within 24 hours. So, are you married? Interview On February 9th,the shock site Ow! Trying to fall asleep at night I'd see the unrecognizable pulp that was a human face and a human life just fucking gurgling at me from a horrible twilight of existence; no thoughts, no reason, just pain and confusion and fucking agonized chaos. The video inspired the creation of its own series of reaction videos on YouTube shown below. We see that you're using an ad-blocker!

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man breaks glass in ass
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man breaks glass in ass
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