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But they are awesome too. A group that spawned from a burlesque troupe, they were far from afraid to put out a hyper-sexualized image that certainly helped to garner them a great deal of attention. Her last couple albums have bombed, her acting career never took off, and her recent switch to country music was not well received. From a pop star of yore to one of the biggest today, Ariana has sufficiently upped the sexy ante from her predecessor. Sophie Monk Sophie Monk is an Aussie actor and singer best known for dating one of the dudes from the band Good Charlotte.

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The truth is that Ms. She deserves the huge breasts expansion treatment for being such a teaser. Thus, her inclusion on this list was a must. Scarlett Johansson Black Widow huge tits morphs. Dolly has an amazing chest that has had the world salivating at them for years and year and as we previously mentioned is likely to come to mind quickly after her name comes up. That's not true there are brunet too. It has also become a matter of fact that if two performers who both had similar levels of musical skills, the one who is more attractive will almost always be more successful.

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