Sperm whale meat

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The mixing of these warm and cold currents helps produce abundant fish resources in waters near Japan. Boiled tongue is said to be particularly delicious. Today, Ayukawahama plays up its whaling history for tourists. It markets whale to restaurant chains that offer whale sashimi and fried whale and food processors that produce cooked whale and canned broiled whale. Whales were then hunted primarily for their oil but now their only commercial value is as food. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, ed.

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Demand for whales is also a lot less now than it was during the era of commercial whaling.

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Japan and the whale

Humpback meat isn't considered that good but the organs are palatable. Some is done in the North Pacific. The London magazine, or, Gentleman's monthly intelligencer. Ciguatera Fish diseases and parasites Mercury in fish Metagonimiasis Scombroid food poisoning Shellfish poisoning. The treaty establishing the IWC is explicitly aimed at ensuring a sustainable whaling industry, not banning it outright, and Japan contends that what Western nations are doing is illegal. In the s, whale meat was reintroduced to school menus by the ICR, which sold it for a third of the market price.

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sperm whale meat
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sperm whale meat
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