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Other important issues which should be addressed in a national planning for elderly population are:. Iran J Psychiatry Behav Sci. New business deals have been immediately barred. Late on Sunday, Trump returned to the issue on Twitter. Women in Iran can use public swimming pools at gender-segregated times, or women-only sections, but sports officials have previously been reluctant to allow them into open waters. The Women's Islamic Games in Tehran is one of the few international events where domestic swimmers are permitted to take part. Accompanying these projected increases in elder shares throughout the world is another salient trend:

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Aging in Asia All across Asia, the process of population aging is occurring much more rapidly than it did in Western countries, and it will occur in some Asian countries at a much earlier stage of economic development Figure2.

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Iran allows first female triathlete to compete for country

Information and External Relations Division; He spoke hopefully in Beijing on Sunday, alongside Chinese officials. Training for the World Triathlon Championships — aged The Elderly population in Iran: Even though the rate of illiteracy among population with the age of 10 to 49 year has been decreased compared to the last census Table 4there is still no available data about the level of education in the old segment and the only findings about this index is found in the last census in Table 5 7. The World is Graying The growth of the elderly population is inevitable, and will occur worldwide. Organisers of the London grand final have also agreed to provide a tent for her to be able to change clothes as soon as she gets out of the water.

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