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Wilson provides evidence that such depictions were supported by class divisions, as poorer music hall patrons enjoyed the fun poked at the upper class, and the upper class generally found it harmless enough to laugh at themselves. Nan stumbles through London trying to find Florence, which she eventually does; Florence is now melancholy, however, with a child. In the Lesbian Review of Books Donna Allegra writes, "[S]he summons the era's attitudes and ambiance projecting them onto the screen of the reader's mind with Dolby wrap-around sound such that you feel you're vacationing on all points between Chelsea and the East End. Via Jo and Sue: Waters often employs the word "queer" to describe the unusual or remarkable, instead of its post connotation to refer to homosexuality. Nan never has difficulty accepting her love for Kitty Butler and other women; Kitty's union with Walter, however, "reeks of lesbophobia", according to Allegra.

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Although she was picked up quickly by a literary agency, the agent spent almost a year trying to sell the book to a mainstream publisher.

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Specifically, Diana keeps a trunk full of pornographic literature which she and Nan read to each other in between sexual encounters. They announce that the act is finished and they are to be married. At the event Nan jumps onstage to help Ralph when he falters, and is noticed once more by Kitty, who asks her to come back so they can continue their affair in secret. It's like I am filling up, like a wine-glass when it's filled with wine. Winter White Red Velvet Fudge. Astonished and deeply bruised by the discovery, Nan wanders the streets of London, finally holing herself in a filthy boarding house for weeks in a state of madness until her funds run out.

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